twelve images

photographic home of Kai-Thomas Krause


The Lister Meile is a pedestrian area in Hannover, Germany. It start at the back of the central station and goes on for roughly a kilometer in north-east direction (see here in Google Maps).

What makes it so special is the fact that a lot of it is for pedestrians only. You will find loads of little shops for all kind of things. Venues for coffee and food make it easy to spend a good part of the day there (and a good tasting one!). On Thursdays there is a market that gives you all kind of stuff from fruit and vegetable, over pasta and cheese stand up to flowers and presents. It’s really a nice view to see all the people on the colorful stands, buying stuff, chatting, having a good time.

With this twelve moments I picked one of the market day Thursdays and captured the Lister Meile in the direction from the Lister Platz to the end near the central station (basically from north to south). It was quite easy to get twelve frames on film and really hard to leave a lot of scenes out. I guess you could take hundreds of interesting pictures there.